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Angelica Bianco in dialogue with Marius Creati

Angelica White, a new emerging figure in the entrepreneurial world of the luxury food, lover of made in Italy and yesteryear combinations, blends art, romance and emblematic tradition realising the alchemical perception of a classical view handed down from the past. Creator of exquisite perfection, becomes spokeswoman of lofty quality in cuisine with her exclusive extra virgin olive oil Xoro Xolio, overstepping the patterns of practice to give intense emotions, vacillating between the reality of a very high quality product and the illusion a dream realized in the paradigmatic combination of the food gold.Gold, as symbology and vivifying logical approach of the opulence, hoards the idea of ​​antonomastic being of the magnificence without neglecting the protection of health.
Angelica Bianco, a self-confident woman, resourceful and determined in the choices, immune to the plasticity of the tough life of the business, at the same time linked to the values ​​of affections and family, turned her passion into an business art of great effect sure she want to express the apotheosis of taste some impressive the apotheosis of taste as a solemn exaltation of beauty.

Exclusive interview by Marius Creati

M.C.: Who is Angelica Bianco? How do you compare with the world of food production?

A.B.: Angelica Bianco is a manager woman with a passion for art, tradition and cuisine. She loves Made in Italy and she fallen in love with Italy. The approach to the food world comes from the awareness to know who she is and where she comes from. The ancient family roots trace back to great landowners producers of wines and oils. These family roots, the creativity of an engineer father and the intelligence of mother Francesca make Angelica nowadays. The key role is performed by her husband, who has always believed in the project, supporting her with love.

M.C.: How does the idea of producing high-grade primary goods born?

A.B.: I wanted to restore dignity to a core product of our Mediterranean diet. Xoro Xolio extra virgin olive oil was born from excellent organoleptic qualities and it is produced by olives belonging to the quality Gentile of Chieti. This olive oil has low acidity (0.2) and high content of polyphenols.

M.C.: How does the achievement of a high-range product relate with the real quality of a good essential?

A.B.: The highest quality of olive oil is given by a number of factors and methods based on tradition and that include higher costs. This product is recognized in the world for its  organoleptic goodness, so I wanted to give it a sexy “dress” and jewelry.

M.C.: How do you see the use of food gold and food silver in cuisine? Are these ingredients to illuminate the tables of all over the world?

A.B.: Today food gold was rediscovered and history teaches us for what purposes it was wisely used. I love art, medicine, chemistry (because I studied pharmacy) and traditions. You will find all these things in my products. Surely it is an ingredient that will light up all the tables in the world because it gives fun and luxury. Thanks to its re-mineralizing  power it is used in aesthetics.

M.C.: Does highly exclusive luxury food product realisation imply a special creative verve?

A.B.: The extra virgin olive oil is the gold of the earth. I like risking in this period of  economic crisis. Xoro Xolio has a valuable and  small packaging (0.2 L) that is important to re-evaluate the concept of roots and to appreciate what the earth offers us.

M.C.: Symbology or deductive logic, which is the meaning of X? How did you get your logotype?

A.B.: Symbology and logic come together in this luxury food product. The bottle  reproduces  the sinuosity of a woman; X means extra virgin, is set in Swarovski crystals and is a genetic symbol of femininity.

M.C.: Can oil and gold live finally together? Can this unusual union result indissoluble?

A.B.: The gold-oil mixture has bewitched important customers worldwide and is a winning combination.

M.C.: Oil understood as gold of the table… what are the benefits of your oil on the body?

A.B.: There are many epidemiological studies that demonstrate the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer and aging brain. The balanced combination of various foods with high nutritional value in the context of the Mediterranean diet (fruits, vegetables, fish, wine and olive oil),  is the only nutritional choice for the protection of our health. Recent studies have demonstrated that extra virgin olive oil is the main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is the ideal fat because it is composed of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and polyphenols (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein, lignans, tocopherols).
The components also depend on the cultivar, the climatic conditions, growing area, methods of extraction and conservation. These components characterize the healthy and organoleptic aspect of the extra virgin olive oil. That’s why I decided to create a product, Xoro Xolio, with excellent organoleptic qualities (low acidity and high content of polyphenols 0.2) and gold 23 kt.

M.C.: Is there a purely romantic side of Xoro Xolio? Is it possible to perceive a sentimental vein beyond of its culinary reality? Is it possible to make out a personal ideal touch?

A.B.: Xoro Xolio gives an emotion thanks to its precious bottle, the golden rain which reminds of Christmas Atmosphere and thanks to its candlestick which is the  symbol of courtship, love and peace.

M.C.: Is there something of poetic in you that shines through the alchemic poetry hidden in the bottle? Are you able to feel it?

A.B.: I am a dreamer and I defend weak people. I suffered in the past and learned to fight all the difficulties only through these feelings. Life is a poem and you have to live with philosophy.

M.C.: Is Xoro Xolio the result of a creation that perfectly combines fantasy and alchemy?

A.B.: Alchemy is a culture of ancient formation. The Hermetic alchemy, also called metallurgical, showed the way to change people’s energies, turning the base metal into gold. Reality and fantasy fuse together as history and modernity, East and West.

M.C.: Desire, philosophy, poetry and Swarovski… all this magic, does it make you feel vaguely alchemist of the moment? Or what else?

A.B.: I am a little alchemist, dreamer, romantic and above all must always go beyond what is given by the appearance.

M.C.: Kalòs kài agathòs… What is beautiful must it necessarily be good and vice versa? How does the classical concept has influenced the ethics and aesthetics of fulfilment? Is “Fine and good” an ideal that belongs to you par excellence?

A.B.: My classical culture taught me that the Greek hero had to be beautiful and good … Xoro Xolio faithfully embodies this concept reaching the apotheosis.

M.C.: Afterworld food or worldly pomp? How can the use of special food products in the past affect the use in the present?

A.B.: Xoro, Xolio is a luxury product and it can give emotions. For this reason I decided to embrace all targets creating the Basic line and the long-awaited Diamond’s. I can assure that each line is able to surprise our customers.

M.C.: Is it possible turn mentally back in time to restore ancient flavours trampled by mere habit?

A.B.: It is important  to go back just for tradition and love for the land…  but in Xoro Xolio there is tradition brought today.

M.C.: The olive tree, a gift of the gods to men, and the gold, an element that brings men near to the gods… do you have ever associated such a union with the sacred? Is Xoro Xolio a valuable food that can foresee a correspondence with the divine? Do you think anyone will ever make it votive food?

A.B.: Gold has always been considered a votive food and is still considered as such in India and in some parts of Saudi Arabia, but I would like to clarify that what approaches us to God is not a food but our faith.

M.C.: Would you rather that your precious oil is considered more delicious food or collectible object?

A.B.: Both, gourmet’s delight delicious oil that when finished leaves the souvenir of a numbered and unique collectible object. Annually the collection will be totally refreshed to create news and feelings always different and positive.

M.C.: How do you see the future of this new speciality?

A.B.: We can not predict the future. Mine is a challenge to the crisis and a search for happiness that reproposes love for the beautiful things and the taste for the Made in Italy.

M.C.: Is it possible that years later it will become an exclusive good of ample consumption?

A.B.: Everything  is possible but I will keep on working for collections.

M.C.: It will ever be possible, also, it becomes a good essential for global use?

A.B.: The extra virgin olive oil with high quality is already a product of primary importance at the global level and I hope that the standards will always be better so we can also preserve our health…t he most valuable asset.

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