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Interview of Luca Micheletto and Leonora Cassata to Elio Fiorucci


An interesting interview the one with Elio Fiorucci, king of the italian fashion, who not only talked about his rich history but mainly about Italy and its structural problems. Placing his proper iPhone on the table to record the interview, Mr. Fiorucci talked us into the new technological inventions such as “psicoprotesi”, particular objects that have given man more personal capacities and usually frightened by people who judged them practically always in a negative way.


“We usually get mad hearing a mobile phone ring in a resturant but we do not look on the other side of the coin, as the joy of a parent in hearing his proper child who lives a long way away. Our thoughts are lead by our will to always be at the centre of the attention. I have got a big feeling in human beings as it is necessary analyzing individually and not as a group sample.”

L.M./L.C.: Lets now talk about your famous shop in Galleria Passarella. “It has been an important and fundamental hot spot in Milan in the late ’80s and early ’90s. A place where we could smell the London and New York atmosphere.” What lead you to sell your shops to the swedish giant H&M?


Elio Fiorucci: Surely our shop in Milan was too big for our business. 90 people worked there every day and more than 5000 people entered, this means that it was a regular place to visit for both Milanese citizens and turists. Jean Paul Gaultier stated in an interview that he would always visit my store to check out new gadgets introduced. When we decided to shut down our business practically half Milan was sad about this decision.

L.M./L.C.: What lead to our decision to create another trademark such as Love Therapy?


Elio Fiorucci: When I gave up on our shop in Galleria Passarella I sold also my brand and therefore I had to create a new one. So, I ask myself “which is the idea that people most loved about Fiorucci? The angels and this idea of sweetness, Fiorucci was a shop where you entered feeling in a way and exiting feeling the opposite, it was a space where love was the only theme, a sort of light and colour therapy. From this, the name got birth.

L.M./L.C.: Your opinion on Milan?


Elio Fiorucci: When I came back in Milan after the war I saw the city and my first impression was that there’s no city like Milan. Whoever comes to visit Milan is and will be affected by its simplicity and by this way of not fearing anything, and when the fear washes away love starts to enter peoples lives.

L.M./L.C.: What do you think about the Expo?


Elio Fiorucci: The 2015 Expo is an unique occasion and Mrs. Moratti fought a lot to obtain this magnificent event. My idea is that this must be our first aim to say that food is important and fundamental. We cannot stay still watching a world where more than one million people die of hunger and more than 5 million are cruel with animals and only are carnivores. Maybe 2015 Expo could be an important event to think on these themes previously announced.

L.M./L.C.: Let’s now talk about fashion. In the last fashion week in Milan we’ve been involved in a series of english journalism interviews whom stated that the new inventions were for models. What do you think?


Elio Fiorucci: In first place I think the term model is a little abused. How can we say that the italian fashion is in decline? The birth of fashion in Milan was not casual. In Italy we still have the best places, in fact both french and english brands produce silk and footwear in Biella ora Brenta. I’m an optimist! I’ve just arrived from a journey in Shanghai and every rich district wants to wear made in Italy. Maybe there does not exist a fashion crisis but only a crisis by whom we get orders from: it’s not possible that tourists are cheated when they come to our country. Politics have abandoned everything they had to take care of therefore these are the results in the postal service, in the public transports and in Alitalia. Italy did not manage to exchange from dictation to democracy. It’s now time to blame ourselves and start to work without the aid of politicians. In our country, there may be are some places which are more advanced in Europe therefore we have to invest in these places. The war with politicians can only be won by prejudices without taking care of the true value of individuals.

L.M./L.C.: What do you think about Baby Angel, the new initiative that features you together with Oviesse?


Elio Fiorucci: This is a wonderful initiative, an enormous success that brought us to sell over a million of clothes in 2008. Recently Valentino said that nice clothes may also be found in general stores and this has been said by a giant of fashion.

L.M./L.C.: A last message to close?


Elio Fiorucci: People want both lo love and use. We should send politicians on holiday for 10 years and let the population do what they know how to do.

Thank you.

Interview taken by Luca Micheletto and Leonora Cassata

Translation: Federico Panizzari

Fonte: Luuk Magazine


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